How Many CEUs Does A Dental Hygienist Need?

Discover the importance of dental hygienist continuing education, why state licensing boards require it, and how to choose the best CE options. Take your career to new heights with ongoing learning and development. Plus, get our free Ultimate CE Tracker to stay organized and motivated!

Mastering Dental Hygiene Continuing Education for Canadians

Discover how to easily meet your dental hygiene continuing education requirements in Ontario while expanding your skills and advancing your career. Explore the streamlined options provided by RDH Inner Circle and take control of your professional development. Contact us today!

The Power of Lifelong Learning: Why Continuing Education Matters for Your Dental Hygiene Practice

Discover the significance of continuing education for your dental hygiene practice in a fresh and relatable way. Explore the benefits of staying updated and how it can enhance your career. Read more on!

Getting audited... and all that jazz

Flashback to just a few short years ago where I got the letter from my governing body that everyone dreads to get.It read something along the lines of…Congratulations! Your number has been selected to be audited.It was the second time receiving that letter since graduating in 2005 and during yet another iteration of our quality assurance program, which is currently being re-vamped again.My stress and anxiety levels immediately went through the roof.I had a lot of catching up to do since ...


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